Paws Pet N' Pla‚Äčy


Puppy Playcare - Dogs under 8 months

All Day Puppy Daycare

Half Day (4 hours or less)

10x All Day Puppy Daycare Package

20x All Day Puppy Daycare Package



$342 - 10% discount

$646 - 15% discount

Dog Daycare - Dogs 8 months and older

All Day Dog Daycare

Half Day (4 hours or less)


10x All Day Dog Daycare Package

20x All Day Dog Daycare Package




$405 - 10% Discount

$740 - 18% Discount

Cage-free Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding 

$83 includes All Day Dog Daycare with next day pick up before 1 pm

($15 late pick up available to extend stay until closing hours)

Boarding Family Discount

$67 for each additional overnight dog*

Bath Discount

50% off self wash on all full day or overnight stays

Complimentary dog bath on all stays beyond 4 days

Personalize your stay

IQ Treat Toys

$5 - Add an engaging, delicious treat to your dog's day - Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off

  • Frozen Kong Treat
  • Organic Peanut Butter Kong
  • Doggie Ice Cream
  • Treat Filled Puzzle Toy

Personal Play Time

$10 per 15 minutes - Does your dog need extra exercise and attention? Nothing is better than 1 on 1 play!

$30 for an hour

Dog Wash

$20 - A staff member will hand wash your dog using Earthbath products. Towel dry and blow dry included.

Dog pick-up and drop-off service

$10 base rate - Would you like us to pick up or drop off your dog so you don't need to take time out of your day to do so? Please contact us as our Paw-mobile is available depending on distance.